Monday, April 17, 2017


Funny how time flies.

My last post was about Dak Dak Final Year, struggling in my final year in Egypt. I was so determined to update my blog back then cause I wanted to keep all the bittersweet memories of living in Egypt, for the very last time for the very final year in Egypt.
But, the condition of my old laptop didn't allow me to do so. It kept shutting off every time I was typing or uploading photos. I ended up abandoning this blog.

I am now, a dentist. I am still awkward to be called 'doctor' by everyone in the clinic. I swear.
I am now, a driver. LOLOLOL. Tapi serius tau aku dah boleh bawak kereta sekarang. Hahaha lempang kang.
I am now, a bride-to-be. I'd ask nothing but doas from everyone. Allah ease everything.

And last but not least,
I am now, counting days to Mera's Big Day *menangis meraung*

T-minus 3 days to Mera's Wedding Day.

Funny how time flies.