Saturday, March 19, 2016

Dak Dak Final Year

Rasa macam baru semalam aku taip "Azam 2015 nak mula blogging semula"
Tengok balik kalendar, eh dah 19 Mac 2016?! ENAM BELAS? Bila masa dah setahun berlalu?! Oh time flies too fast like real fast bruh!

Tiba-tiba je aku dah FINAL YEAR, like, tiba-tiba je, macam, EH DAH FINAL YEAR?! Serius la dah FINAL YEAR? Ok dah FINAL YEAR. Baik, final year.. FINAL YEAR...
Jadi memandangkan aku dah FINAL YEAR final semester, tulis blog kena la macam acah-acah Dak-Dak Final Year ilmiah ilmu penuh di dada, baru la boleh guna hashtag roadtograduation dgn bangga dan jayanya.

Soalan: Berapa bilangan perkataan FINAL YEAR dalam post ini?

Jadi untuk post kali ini, aku mulakan dgn perbualan aku dgn patient aku sbb ini kali pertama aku dapat patient yg boleh bercakap dalam bahasa omputih like so happay I can finally speak and interact with my patient! Yeke...

Conversation 1

Macam biasa, bila patient datang & layak menjadi patient CCC; Pertama sekali kena ambil gambar intraoral & extraoral pictures, panoramic & periapical xrays etc etc etc lantas baru lah kita mula dgn scaling.
Jadi sebelum mula scaling... Ini perbualan aku dgn S bukan nama sebenar.

Me: You smoking, right?
S   : No (in hesitation)
Me: Are you sure? (smirk, but he can't see as I'm wearing mask)
S   : Wait, how do you know? I've brushed my teeth before I come here
Me: I just know

Come on guys, we dentists know. As much as medical doctors can know by diagnosing your lungs, we can detect by having a glance in your mouth. Yes we just know esp if you're a heavy smoker and you do not take care of your oral hygiene seriously.

Should have checked H's mouth before. Cis tak terfikir (double smirk)

Conversation 2

As I shared on my Facebook bout scaling.

Me: (started scaling few of his anterior teeth)
S   : Wait, wait, Dr Nadia. Listen Dr, I'm still young (he is 23) to do this. My teeth will get smaller, I feel spaces and that's not good
Me: No you really don't have to worry. There's actually a calculus (well, I did explain what calculus to him tapi serius malas nak taip dekat sini) in between your teeth, the calculus are not good it can make your teeth mobile, your gums get down (recession), etc. Just don't worry ok.
S   : I can't do it at home by myself?
Me: No you cannot

Thank God he didn't ask more questions.


Tadaaa! Kepuasan sebenarrrr ~
Sebenarnya ini kali pertama aku jumpa Egyptians yg taknak buat scaling atau dalam Egypt disebut tanzif sebab Egyptians do like scaling.

Then I showed him the pictures of before & after scaling and he was like oh my God my teeth so bad.
Nasib tahu.

Conversation 3

S   : Dr, I have a bad teeth right? (due to calculus)
Me: No, you really have a good set of teeth
S   : Then why my teeth have holes? (he actually came seeking for Endo & Operative treatment lol)
Me: You haven't brushed your teeth twice daily right? Before you sleep?
S   : (amazed) Yes I brush like once in two weeks or something
Me: See, that's why.

Lepastu muka aku dah sumpah..... Sekali dalam dua minggu?! -_-

Conversation 4

Ini conversation yg paling aku tak boleh brain.

S   : Dr Nadia, it seems like you speak English better than me. I'm so surprised
Me: Ha ha thank you (awkward) 
S   : How come you speak English better than me?
Me: (seriously?) Because I speak English with my family (sumpah tipu)
S   : Wow why? I thought you have your own language?
Me: I don't know, I was raised that way (penipuan paling besar)

So you think you should speak better English than me? Aiyo. If you live in Egypt, you know why I cannot-brain this conversation, not that we underestimate Egyptians who can speak English, it's just.. It's very rare to find Egyptians who can speak English (excluding the Doctors in the faculty of course)

When I told this story to my friends, everyone's reaction was... Ha? Amboi soalan apa kau tanya?
See. Durh.

A lil bit of my conversations with him during our first appointment. The pros & cons of having a patient who can speak English... They ask a lot, like a lot of questions and you can't ignore because they know you understand what they're asking/saying.

Sebab kalau patients yg tak pandai cakap English, we usually reply with... "Maalish ana mush fahma" (Maaf, saya tak faham) and proceed with our work lulz. Easy peasy.

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