Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 As A Whole

What a pleasure to have two days gap between final papers for this semester. Taking 10 VITAL-DENTAL-subjects in one semester is... Disaster. Let's just hope I'll pass all the subjects. Ameen.

So I've made a list of Highlight-Of-The-12Months-In-2014.
Well, you know, when you're studying... Everything surrounds you seem so much interesting than your book. Even a piece of sticky note paper can be so attractive. So yeah, there you are, done with the list!

Celebrated my NYE with quizzes & requirements.

Winter Break in Turkey with friends! Joined a trip, out of Malaysia (and Egypt) w/o my family, skiing & snowball fighting; All for the first time in 22 years old living. Eleh keccow.

Started my 6th semester. Occupied with quizzes & requirements.

Midterms & requirements. Oh, done with my very first full denture!

Too busy with final examinations.

Home Malaysia home! Reached Muadzam Shah for the first time & got a chance to cheer for Hanafi's football match; which was, as well, my first time watching him playing football.

My very first time watching football at Mamak, at 3 o'clock in the morning. Oh and, GERMANY WON!

Color Run was fun!

Family vacation (All 6 of us) to Gold Coast!

Back in Egypt and books. Elected as Penolong Ketua Batch 2014/2015.

Had my very first Bridge Restoration patient.

Done with my very first acrylic partial denture and started my final examinations on 28th of December. Can't wait to end this semester.

5 out of 12 months; Guess I only have Winter Break & Summer Break to enjoy myself to the very-max. Once I'm back in Egypt and start my semester, I'm all occupied with quizzes, clinics, examinations & requirements. I have such a boring life in Egypt bluergh.

Let's pray for a better 2015. A stronger me, physically & mentally. Ameen.

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