Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Opposite

I have a very, very terrible trust issue and it often leads to overthinking and feeling insecure . Handling this problem is, trust me, never easy. But I'm always trying to improve myself day by day time by time. What a roller coaster mood I dealt with through out the process, trust me.

So early this morning, I woke up as early as 6 o'clock in the morning. Well, it was simply because I slept at 9.30 pm last night kroh kroh. I won't be able to sleep again after that so I was playing with my phone; Instagram, Facebook & Twitter, all scrolled till the point I closed and opened and refreshed these three apps repeatedly in multiple times.

So I decided to Google some of inspirational quotes and motivations.

And I found this.. 

Fear is an inner state and is created by resisting a future event.
For example, if you have a fear of losing someone, you are resisting the future event called, "losing the person." 
The more you resist losing the person, the bigger your fear.
The bigger your fear, the more you feel threatened.
The more you feel threatened, the more you hang on and act destructively.
This in turn pushes the person away and causes your fear to come true.

Ketepek! Rasa kena sebijik dekat muka, esp the last sentence.

It's time to change how you feel towards the people who love you. Enjoy the moment while it lasts :)

After all, I'm still improving myself. Not that I posted this means I'm 100%-ly the POSITIVE EP! Well, let's pray for that. 

Spread love & positivity energy :)

Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 As A Whole

What a pleasure to have two days gap between final papers for this semester. Taking 10 VITAL-DENTAL-subjects in one semester is... Disaster. Let's just hope I'll pass all the subjects. Ameen.

So I've made a list of Highlight-Of-The-12Months-In-2014.
Well, you know, when you're studying... Everything surrounds you seem so much interesting than your book. Even a piece of sticky note paper can be so attractive. So yeah, there you are, done with the list!

Celebrated my NYE with quizzes & requirements.

Winter Break in Turkey with friends! Joined a trip, out of Malaysia (and Egypt) w/o my family, skiing & snowball fighting; All for the first time in 22 years old living. Eleh keccow.

Started my 6th semester. Occupied with quizzes & requirements.

Midterms & requirements. Oh, done with my very first full denture!

Too busy with final examinations.

Home Malaysia home! Reached Muadzam Shah for the first time & got a chance to cheer for Hanafi's football match; which was, as well, my first time watching him playing football.

My very first time watching football at Mamak, at 3 o'clock in the morning. Oh and, GERMANY WON!

Color Run was fun!

Family vacation (All 6 of us) to Gold Coast!

Back in Egypt and books. Elected as Penolong Ketua Batch 2014/2015.

Had my very first Bridge Restoration patient.

Done with my very first acrylic partial denture and started my final examinations on 28th of December. Can't wait to end this semester.

5 out of 12 months; Guess I only have Winter Break & Summer Break to enjoy myself to the very-max. Once I'm back in Egypt and start my semester, I'm all occupied with quizzes, clinics, examinations & requirements. I have such a boring life in Egypt bluergh.

Let's pray for a better 2015. A stronger me, physically & mentally. Ameen.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Two Thousand 15

I've finally made my blog viewed by public, yeppie!
Let's make 2015-Content-Column full with stories and beautiful moments.
Let's make 2015 (re)new resolution; BLOGGING.


But no, not now.
It's 1.55 am here in Egypt and I have Periodontology Final Paper in 9 hours time.

Well.. Maybe it's time to get serious? :P