Saturday, April 12, 2014

LOL Charity Run!

Sudahkah saya memberitahu anda bahawasanya saya telah terpilih menjadi salah seorang drpd AJK Love Out Loud Alexandria Charity Programme? Wai Ee Ea Wai -- YEAY!

Dan aktiviti (besar) kami yang pertama bagi mengumpul dana sebelum Mega Event tiba ialah LOL Charity Run. 

A very very very last minute plan, when Eizah (our Timbalan Pengarah) WhatsApp-ed me & Fawwaz regarding her sudden-pop-idea-while-studying-for-the-exam --- Charity Run! She planned to do it on Friday and she WhatsApp-ed me on Sunday night which means we only had 4 days to plan things.
Fuh fuh fuh..

Bla bla bla. POM! The day of the event, 11th of April 2014 Friday.

Who needs air gula when we have Tangs?
The track; along the beach. Such a perfect view!
(Minus the terik weather)
Love Out Loud!
Group 3 representative 
Clap clap clap x)

Stay tuned for our next big event!
Please view this page for more infos & pictures of our activities :) LoveOutLoudAlexandria

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