Thursday, April 24, 2014

LOL Bazaar

So, our next charity event to collect funds for the Mega Event was.. LOL Bazaar!

It was (again) a last minute plan.
Well. endless examinations every single day every single week make things harder.

Really admire the positiveness of our Pengarah when 3 days before the event, 15 sites were still not rented yet and he was like "InshaAllah, ada nanti tu. Kita nak tolong orang, nnt orang tolong kita" *Clap clap clap* And yes, the event was a success! 18 tapak selamat disewa! *clap clap clap*

Of some of the pictures of LOL Bazaar on 18th of April 2014 :) (Terbanyak pula gambar saya he he he)

Potato Salad NeG sedap sangat!

Some of the crew and one LOL 1.0 crew.  Kriuk kriuk
Thank you, batchmates for the support :)
LOL Bazaar 2014

Nice shot from Iqbal
Trifle, Potato Salad, Mee Kari, Cordial drink, Cupcake, Egg Tart. Kullu khalas!

Maka dengan ini hitam belegam lah Efnadia.
Thank you for the support! (Random picture random people)
With LOL 1.0 Crew. Thank you for the LOL Booth!
Pengarah LOL Bazaar 
Them AJKs :)
Jump shot!

Yey yey yey. Mega Event in few days, a lot of things to be done. Hope everything goes well according to plan. Amin amin :)

P/s: I have soft spot for positive-minded people. Like, I really admire people who handle things calmly and optimistically. Well, I wish I could be one.

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