Sunday, February 16, 2014

Short Updates

Life Updates
(Like nobody cares)

-- I've been laptopless for almost 2 months but still, I managed to watch 3 seasons of The Walking Dead, 20 episodes of The Heir, few Malay movies/telemovies.
   Well, I survived.

-- I've been laptopless from 10th of December 2013 until 15th of February 2014 but still, I managed to complete 3 group assignments.
   Well, I'm a survivor.

-- I've been laptopless from 2013 until 2014 but still, I managed to Skype with my loved ones every week. I even celebrated Hanafi's born day and had a virtual 
   movie date with him.
   Well, I'm a survivalist.

-- Done with my 5th semester 2 weeks ago.

-- I went to Turkey for 9 days during winter break.

-- My 6th semester has started today. 

Will update soon about my Turkey trip! (Hashtag 10 Bayan Turkey) 

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