Monday, July 1, 2013

Sunday Morning - End Of June

I know I rarely talk about him in my blog (even in my Twitter or Instagram). I mean, like specifically mentioning his real name, putting his picture/ our picture together, updating about our activities/ day-dates etc. It's not that we don't have a quality-good-times-together, it's just.. I prefer to keep it alone.

But for this very precious time, I choose to share. Because I can't keep it alone any longer. Too sweet I might get infection (Microbiology taught me that bacteria love sweet things) K next.

There goes my very first Sunday morning in Malaysia after 9 months being away...

Then I realized I can't express my feelings into words.
Ok I try....

A day before during maghrib he called me, we had a short conversation because he was so tired handling an event he wanted to sleep. And at night, he called me again and said that he was about to go playing futsal with his batchmates. And after that, he even wished me good night; which all these mean that he's practically and physically at his college; Muadzam, Pahang.

As early as 6.40 am, I woke up to his good morning message. He even said "Ok nak tidur balik ni, baru lepas subuh. Good night"
And sharp at 7 am, a friend of ours, Jamal (Jamal is the one who is supposed to come to my house this morning to pass something) called me "Weh, aku dah sampai depan rumah" So I went out from my house with my baju tidur, muka selebet busuk tak mandi and saw no Jamal and his motorcycle. Then I saw someone went out from his car.. And I walked slowly towards him... Getting nearer... And BOOM! It wasn't Jamal. PEOPLE, THERE'S NO JAMAL BUT HANAFI ISKANDAR IN FRONT OF MY BODY MY EYES MY TAK-MANDI-FACE. Asdfghjkl. Tuhan jela tahu apa aku rasa. I even cried because I was too shocked. Ergh.

Bla bla bla after almost 30 minutes seriuslah-kenapa-kau-tipu-aku-kenapa-tak-bagitau-awal-awal-minggu-ni-balik-Cheras-kenapa-buat-surprise-macam-ni-kenapa-kenapa-kenapa moment, we went to breakfast at mamak. You know every second spent together is very, very meaningful. Geli sikit but weh come on 9 bulan kot tak jumpa what do you expect?! :p

Cina-Bukit-Sepet-Apek-Jinjang-Penipu-Besar zzzz

Last but not least, thank you for the surprise Sepet. Thank you so very much :') Padan muka, muka kau kena jaja kat blog aku. Bye.

Happy July, people!

P/s: Terpaksa buat post dalam Inggeris bagi mengelakkan ayat terlampau geli terkeluar. Contohnya; Setiap saat yang diluahkan bersama adalah sangat bermakna (Perenggan 7, ayat kedua terakhir) So yeh.


  1. anyonyonyo.... omeyyyy :P
    btw, aku dapat bayangkan muka bacen kau jumpa Atoi. kbye.

    1. Faiee; Hahaha diam Faie diam! Takpe bacen bacen pun kalau dah sayang mehehehe :p

  2. Awww so shweet! Take care both of you :*
    Me love yaaa!

    Sejak bila napi jadi sweet cenggini ni?
    Banyak bljr dari drama kpop ah ni eheh :D

    1. Itula, Napi dah maju kan kan. Hehehe. Take care jugak Syudududu :)