Sunday, February 3, 2013

End of January, Start of February

Since I've planned this-very-small-and-far-away-surprise (not so surprise) for a quite some time, so it's better, it's nicer, it's any-positive-words-with-er-at-the-back for me, to at least, share something on my blog and someday, I'll read this post again and say "Wow, you're, kind of, sweet girlfriend. Good job Nadia, good job" 

K perasan.

Nice intro huh?

So it was end of January 2013.....

Khas untuk Kumpulan Koir Joyah
Khas untuk anda yang disambut :)

Terima kasih banyak, Amal Amran :)
The very best I can give him.

Bad quality pictures. iPod, don't expect much.

So, thank you to those people who had involved in this, directly and indirectly; Kumpulan Koir Joyah, Shafrizal Halim, Hanis Nasuha, lelaki Hanis Nasuha -Afif Wahdi  , Diha, etc etc. Jasa kalian sangat dikenang :)

And to anda-yang-disambut, Selamat Hari Lahir Sepet! Sweet 21 Brotha :)
(Taknak wish panjang nnt balasnya hanya smiley kroh kroh kroh) 

Long distance relationship is not that hard after all, isn't it? Have faith :)

P/s: Good things come to those who wait, in a very right way :)