Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Malaysia vs Egypt

Saya sangat terliur melihat milo ais itu

# 1 - Reverse motorcycle jacket
No comment regarding this fact since I rarely see Egyptians riding motorcycle in Egypt. Or maybe they ride motorcycle without wearing any helmet and jacket. Egyptian kot? No rules on the road duh.

# 2 - Hands free kit for motorcycle
This. Is. Very. Common. Thing. In. Egypt I tell you. The women put (insert) their mobile inside the shawl (or tudung) and walk while talking without holding the phone. Free kit for women, in Egypt. So confident.

# 3 - The hand is powerful
Not in Egypt. They never angkat-tangan-untuk-bagi-sign-terima-kasih. They love honking, TWENTY FOUR SEVEN. True story.

# 4 - The hand is "sometimes" powerful
For beating and hitting? Very powerful for Egyptian men. They love fighting I tell you.

# 5 - Call everyone 'boss' 'uncle' 'auntie'
I call every men and middle-age-guy 'Ammu' which means Pakcik. Haha oh and if we (Malaysians) don't know what to call someone we just simply say 'lau samah / lau samahti' which means excuse me wee :D

# 6 - The "Invisible Man"
Hah, very common thing in Egypt. They alwaaaaays cut queue, they don't have first-come-first-serve. Duduk Egypt memang kena banyak sabar ye kawan kawan.

# 7 - Our foods rock!
Ini yang paling saya rindu di Malaysia besides my family & friends. Oh man, I want Malaysian foods badly. I'm craving for spicy foods oh please.

# 8 - Always aspect a free gift
No comment. Know nothing about this.

#9 - Get rival teams trash talking to each other
Gah, in Egypt, they did demonstration once because they lost (padahal lawan against Egypt team jugak) They are stupid and so.. Arestek inur demonstrasi setiap masa.

I MISS MALAYSIAAAAAAAAA AND I CAN'T WAIT TO COME BACK HOME. Malaysia and Malaysians, do wait for me. 46 days to go!

P/s : Anak aku nanti masa kecik bila aku cakap "Manchester United" dia kena cakap "GGMU" Kbye.