Thursday, September 15, 2011

Farewell Note

You put your arms around me
And I'm home

I just can't believe the time is running so fast and just a few weeks left for me to spend this precious time with my loved ones. I wish I could stop the ticking time. I wish I could bring the ones I loved. I wish I could erase all the memories. I wish I could easily move on. I wish I wish I wish. So many wishes that never came true.

I wish I could stop wishing the impossible wishes.

You'll wish for it, You'll forget about it
You'll find it, You'll found out it came true

P/s : Please make this Saturday is our day, Revivalist.


  1. Dear ep, belajar kat sana baik baik.
    Jaga diri, jangan lupa kitorang kat sini. InsyaAllah kalau takda apa saya dtg esok :) Be good! Nanti TL saya dah kurang la kan. Awak dah busy. Hee. Saranghamnidaaa <3

  2. @Syud : Thanks so much Syud :) InsyaAllah takkan lupa. Awak pun sama ye, all the best di UIA! Teruskan update entry jiwang jiwang tau hehe. Kalau ada wifi saya pasti twett nnt! Kamsahamnida :)