Monday, July 11, 2011

Short note

Oh people people, it's a second week of July. To be exact, today's date is 11th of July 2011 and I'm so super duper damn very happy and excited. Looking forward for this weekend, from Friday to Sunday. I'm fully booked! Oh oh oh, I can't wait *menari gelek gelek.

Kenapa boo?
Tandanya ingat

So so so, the invitation message has been sent. And and guess what? First, obviously all the foundation and matriculation students are in their very-long-holiday until September. So, most of them will be attending insyaAllah. Second, the diploma students also in their mid sem-break so so, oh oh *gelek gelek lagi.

Awh Baby Gori <3

Who else? Cousins and all relatives will get-to-gather at my house this weekend. Ngeh yehoo yahoo! 

There, Kak Cik pun dah tak sabar

The end, for now. Will be updating later bebeh. Please anybody, don't spoil my week. Just please, thank you. And sorry this is not a real short note hehe. Happy second week of July evewyone!

P/s : Hello silent reader, nice to know you're still reading my blog :) thank you very much.
P/s p/s : It would be great if you're coming too, VBF. My last celebration here sobbs.

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