Monday, May 2, 2011

The reason of being single

Oh sebenarnya video ni boleh tahan dah lama aku tengok. Tapi tadi tengok balik bila Si Gabak suruh tengok. So, tiba tiba rasa nak letak dalam blog.

Stage 1. We expect nothing. We don't even know they'll be one of the most important people in our life. Yes, who knew?

Stage 2. Yes, The Chase is the best part. That's the reason why I don't get in any relationship untill now. Boleh tak kalau Stage 2 sampai kahwin? Hmm.. No, cannot.

Stage 3. We can fully express our feelings to each other, like dreams come true. That's the best for this part. But, not all relationships last.

Stage 4 and Stage 5. People changing over time. Time ni air mata bestfriend, trust me.

Stage 6. Breaking Up. It hurts the most.

I learn from experience. So, being single is the best for now.
There is no mistake to be repeated.

Commitment, trust, honesty, responsibility. There are the most important things that every single couple should have. So, are you ready? I know you're not. So, now is not the time.

P/s : Take one step at a time. And to a woman in love, loving too much is not loving enough. Take note.


  1. hai i dah tgk jugak video ni..
    sedih pulak..
    and semua step yg die tunjok tu
    reailiti.. memang2 betul2 jadi dalam sesetengah relationship.. :)

  2. yes, that's right kan sis. macam betol betol mengena je. pffft.