Friday, April 22, 2011

Post #143

Memandangkan ini post yang ke Satu-Empat-Tiga, yang konon konon orang kata 143 means I LOVE YOU, I MISS YOU, I LIKE YOU, I HAVE YOU, I WANT YOU dan segala yang sama waktu dengannya. Kalau aku, 143 means I HATE YOU, I KILL YOU, I LEFT YOU dan sama maksud dengannya.
Why people bother with love if it never lasts?

So, aku rasa dah dua malam aku ber-skyping dengan A menjadi Dr. Love menyelesaikan masalah rumah tangga mereka. Not rumah tangga exactly because they're not married yet, not even a declare couple pun. It's all about crush and commitments and long distance relationship and trust and positive minded people in handling this kind of problems. No experience doesn't mean you can't handle this problem positively and nicely, vice versa.

Since A is the one who never had an experience when it comes to love and heart, so she has problem expressing feelings. She has problem in trusting people. She has problem in giving commitment for long distance relationship. Itu sangat normal, kami perempuan kot. So do I.
So she told me the stories from A to Z thru Skype and I've tried my best to give my views and opinions, how to give best responds whatsoever. Until one point, I think there is no other solutions since A has problem saying the truth in front of him
(HAHA gaya macam A yang nak sangat kat laki tu pulak, IT'S NOT THAT)
So I suggested her to do the way I did to express feelings. No I mean, the indirect way I as a girl to express feelings.

- more than two pages
- send it when you thought he has fallen asleep (tengah malam buta lepas 2 pagi macam tulaa)
- while typing this, you're alone so no one will distract and disturb you
- tell whatever you feel like. Baik buruk, cakap je.

I did this to the ones I care and I think it has become a habit since I keep on doing it at least once a week especially when my insomnia attacked. Sorry if you don't like it or feel annoyed. Just tell me, I'll stop :) I feel better after doing this since I can show my feelings (rindu, caring segala) indirectly. Bila indirectly, takde segan sangat. And I found it worked. HEHE

Tapi, sorry kawan. Untuk kau, ianya tidak berhasil. My bad :( That guy sangat tidak professional in handling this problem. See, ada experience tak semestinya boleh handle this kind of problems nicely pun kan. Haish entah pape. Kau lagi professional lah cewaah :)
Lesson learnt ; orang yang menerima mesej ini mestilah matang dan professional dan terima apa adanya.

Sorry kawan :(
Oh guys, cuba korang cuba jugak. Kitaorang perempuan suka dapat mesej sweet sweet pagi pagi ni. HIHI

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p/s: the hardest task is when you're helping your friend with their love-heart-problem and realizing that you're having it too at the same time.

If we're really meant to be together, one day we'll back together
I believe in that.

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