Saturday, February 19, 2011


I don't know how to pronounce HSURC
I don't know what's the meaning of HSURC
because I spell it wrong. it's suppose to be CRUSH.
hmmmh, now you know what CRUSH means.

18:16, 19th February 2011

semua orang bercakap pasal crush mereka. no, I mean, Catty's blog and Fairy's blog bercakap pasal crush. shishhh, mereka mereka buat aku rasa aku nak cakap pasal crush aku jugak. shish, it's not suppose to be one of my entry. don't you think?

I have one
since school days dulu lagi

perasaan bila ada crush best okay
sebab tu aku paham sangat baca blog Catty pasal crush tu
excited bukan main, awwwh bestnyaaaa!
trust me. ada crush memang best.

whenever he texts me, even though a short simple message
I will smile and happy for a whole day
apatah lagi kalau call kan?
tak payah cakap!
kalau jumpa?
tak tidur malam lah jawabnyaaa.

dan paling happy bila dapat tau he gives positive response
and that lucky girl is the happiest girl in the world

that's how we react
kata pun perempuan

enough of dreaming Ef
hoping too much is not good
yet, you'll be dissappointed if he doesn't like you too
just, keep faith
good things come for those who wait

p/s : don't you just love hearing that you're in someone's dream?
you should be proud, you must be proud.

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