Saturday, August 7, 2010

great and not great

seriously awesome!

Cuci The Musical 2

Papa got 5 tickets for VVIP seat since Pos Malaysia is one of the sponsors for this theatre-musical. soo, we had fun :)



p/s : dilarang makan di dalam hall, nanti kena sound :P

Experiment Biology - Reproduction

poor rat. rat or hamster? oh, I called her Halimah Jongang because of her two front teeth are seriously jongang and kuning :D



You've left me alone, dear roommate.

she'd got an offer to Maktab Perguruan somewhere in Melaka, so she accepted the offer and left me alone. so I did everything alone each and every single day including wake up in the morning. yes, I managed to wake up on time, so far. orang yg kononnya nak kejut everyday entah ke mana dissapear as always.

not cool. I repeat, not so cool :(
I am a loner and loser, sometimes. *sigh*


life goes on babe. and I am stronger than you thought.

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