Saturday, August 28, 2010

examination vs AIDILFITRI

FINAL EXAM sudah semakin dekat
FINAL EXAM semakin hampir
FINAL EXAM 4 minggu lepas cuti raya
FINAL EXAM nanti, tiada discussion week
FINAL EXAM nanti, tiada soalan objektif
FINAL EXAM nanti, Ef semakin clumsy dan paranoid :S

AIDILFITRI juga bakal menjelang
AIDILFITRI nie, UM cuti 2 minggu
AIDILFITRI nie, belum habis shopping lagi
AIDILFITRI nie, nak bergembira sakan
AIDILFITRI nie, nak kena baca buku :/

okayyy, TIDAK MENARIK. yes yes, sangat amat sungguh tidak menarik.
Physics 1 & 2
Chemistry 1 & 2
Algebra & Calculus
Biology Cell & Biology Reproduction and Ecology
TOTAL : 8 papers.

selamat mengulangkaji pelajaran di bulan Syawal yang mulia ini. SOBSSSSS :'(
I need someone to guide me. anyone? *sighhhh*

jangan terkejut kalau aku masuk Exam Hall nanti macam nie

lecturers, better sediakan soalan yang senang-senang. or you will find me like this in the Examination Hall. ini adalah satu ugutan :3

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Ramadhan is coming soon and I am too excited
so people, lets do some changes
repent and pray to Allah
get yourself closer to Him

o Allah, please shower me with your blessing. indeed of You, the most merciful and graceful

btw, I'll be missing my school-times-fasting-moments.
we went to bazaar ramadhan
we went to DM for sahur
we belanja each other
The Revival
and you.

p/s : do pray and wish me luck for my becoming mid-sem test.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

great and not great

seriously awesome!

Cuci The Musical 2

Papa got 5 tickets for VVIP seat since Pos Malaysia is one of the sponsors for this theatre-musical. soo, we had fun :)



p/s : dilarang makan di dalam hall, nanti kena sound :P

Experiment Biology - Reproduction

poor rat. rat or hamster? oh, I called her Halimah Jongang because of her two front teeth are seriously jongang and kuning :D



You've left me alone, dear roommate.

she'd got an offer to Maktab Perguruan somewhere in Melaka, so she accepted the offer and left me alone. so I did everything alone each and every single day including wake up in the morning. yes, I managed to wake up on time, so far. orang yg kononnya nak kejut everyday entah ke mana dissapear as always.

not cool. I repeat, not so cool :(
I am a loner and loser, sometimes. *sigh*


life goes on babe. and I am stronger than you thought.

Friday, August 6, 2010

life is great and Im being grateful

according to Faiz's laptop, it is 3.10 am and Im here in Kolej 12 Cafe, finishing my Calculus, Chemistry and Algebra Tutorial. oh greattt, menarik lagi tertarik to learn new things bebeh :)
and Im sitting beside Faiz, in front of Anwar and Adila. kindly waiting for Adila to finish up her work and we will go back and get some sleep since we have Physics Practical at 9 am tomorrow which means, today. GREAT is it? oh yeahhh -.-

different people, different ways in handling and living life. yes, agree much
Suffian and Syafiq are currently addicted to Fashion World ; Facebook application
Anwar and Faiz are addicted to Dota ; I dont know which application it is. I dont really care actually.
but, it is really nice to learn something new. gain knowledge even I dont care much to apply it in my live. yelahh, apa kaitan Fashion World and Dota dalam hidup aku? Im learning Biology, Chemistry and Physics. ada tak game yang seangkatan dengannya? pleaseeeee :D

I have new friends and currently spending most of the times with them. but, to be honest, Im missing my old friends too. very much. mereka tiada pengganti, trust me.
- Insyirah Tunai Shamsidi
- Ferlynda Fazleen Jamaluddin
- Azah Yamin
- Wan Fatin Athirah
they are studying in the same place of mine but we dont really spend much times together since I am in different kuliah with them. *sigh* I miss you guys :(

and rakan-rakan yang berada di perantauan. hanya Facebook yang merapatkan jurang antara kami. sebab tu tak dapat berenggang dengan Facebook. *alasan* :D
- Amirah Bahrain
- Ariff Syafiq
- Harryzal
- Dzul Farid Izmer
- Seri Ezzaty
- Diana Husni
- Athilah
- Iffah
- Bella Mansor
- Nasfati Izzatina
- Hanafi
- Badrul
- Fatihah Othman
dan lain-lain.
hopefully they know how I've missed them, badly. sorry jika mesej tak ber-reply, handphone is no longer being my bestfriend lately.

oh new friends, thanks for cheering up my life. I appreciate it soo much :)
- Adila Farisha
- Alissa Azureen
- Anwar Azzahir
- Suffian Osman
- Syafiq Bahari
- Nor Faiz
- Afifah
dan ramai lagi.
you guys are great!

p/s : tak dapat nak masuk gambar. connection error.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

soul sister

she is the one who will always be there whenever I need shoulder to cry on.
I LOVE YOUUUU SISTER, forever will.
okay, dah macam pakwe lah pulakk. eh, she is my gay partner apa? part-time job :D

terima kasih sebab layan aku menangis kesakitan dulu
terima kasih sebab kasi tumpang nak iron baju dulu :D
terima kasih sebab dengar semua masalah aku walaupun aku tau kau tak dapat nak tolong
terima kasih for calling me, and answering my call
terima kasih memperkenalkan aku dengan bahasa budi :D
terima kasih buat aku ketawa dengan keparanoidan kau


soo dear,
- be happy di Penang
- jangan paranoid paranoid
- be loyal with your beloved Arif. I know you will :) dia sayang kau so jangan paranoid. take one step at a time, there is no need to rush. buktikan kat guru SMSS yang bercinta time sekolah boleh sampai kahwin! I will always pray for you honey :)

forever always <3

too many things to say actually but, aku online sorok sorok. so nie semua apa yang came into my mind spontaneously.

last but not least

sooo, who will be my soul brother? soulmate? WILL BE CONTINUE :)