Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day Papa :)

Happy Father's Day Papa
Happy Belated Mother's Day Mama
dulu tak sempat post blog pasal Mother's Day
with love,
anak yang paling gemuk dan hitam :D

Reblog : what-I-find-attractive-in-guys

reblog from Syahirah Azmi's blog. she is a great blogger. check her blog out and u will find it more interesting than mine -

ok, what i find attractive in guys? wahh, Ef bercakap pasal lelaki idaman diaa :D ok, i dont expect too much because im just a normal girl. nothing special about me. but, yesss, i do have my own lelaki idaman. tak salahkan? weeeeee :)

first of all. im not the one who is looking for any handsome, good looking guy. yelah, muka tak cantik nak mintak lelaki handsome? sangatlah tak sedar diri. anddd, appearance does not promise anything. trust me.

he must be a very responsible guy. good in controlling his life and his family and me. matured in handling problems. fair in spending time between me and his friend. being nice to my family and my friends. andd, do love kids and cats. ohh yess, LOVE CATS :D ohh, teringat lelaki di dalam train yg sangat sweet melayan adik dia.

accept me the way I am. not a king control guy. not asking me to be like someone he expected me to be. because, I am what I am. Efnadia is Efnadia, and always be Efnadia. cewahhh! :D butt, not 100%-ly let me do anything even it is not good. advice me as softly as he can, and yess. then, I will follow :) dont force me. nanti aku REBEL! be understanding, pleaseeee. I can be the real Efnadia in front of him. so aku tak payah bajet ayu tersipu-sipu malu depan dia. boleh duduk bersila sesuka hati, bersin sekuat hati, ketawa bersama macam nak mati. wahh, sweetnya :')

I am a very talkative person, to anyone and everyone. cheerful, physically. but, dont disturb me when I am-in-PMS-mood. nanti mati kau kena tengking. oppps :D so, I expect you as a guy to be a very good listener and give a good response. be patient in listening to my long-never-end-story-telling :D share problems together, share many things together. sweet kan? :')


last but not least, the one who can make me trust him. so, I can share all the problems with him. I can tell him if I am not satisfy in anything he did. I can confess if I feel jealous :S respect me, dont make laugh in everything I told you. sebab Ef nie sangatlah pemendam. andd menangis. si cengeng Ef. haa, the one yang dapat buat si cengeng nie tak menangis. sebab saya sangatlah negative-minded. so, convince me and I will love you forever :) dah lama tak jiwang :')

conclusion, APPRECIATE. treat us the way u expected us as a girl to be, then the relationship will last forever :)


oh, demand gila lahh si Ef. hahah, takdelaa. saje suka suka, dah lama tak berangan sweet sweet macam nie. yelaa, asyik study je. takkan nak aku blogging pasal taxonomy, calculus kot? :/

END <3