Tuesday, March 16, 2010

date : Lynda

11 Mac 2010
tarikh keramat utk mereka yg mengambil SPM pada tahun 2009
betapa pentingnya sampai PLKN Kumpulan 1 2010 yg sepatutnya pulang pada 14 Mac dikehendaki pulang pada 10 Mac. waaaaah!
yesss, everyone was scared, of cos.

baju-kurung-celoreng (semangat PLKN masih ada) with tudung kuning (tak perlu masuk dalam baju) registered for Driving Class, breakfast Nasi Lemak and went to school with my heart beats like a drum playing a rock song.
as I arrived, Lynda had got her results. congrats to her because she got straight A's :) then I went inside the hall. everyone was queue-ing up to get the results. fuhhh, semangat.
while waiting, I had a talk with my old friends. damn, I miss them soo much! tak puas borak.
bla bla bla, my turn! I sat in front of my class teacher, sign anything that needed and BOOM! my results. ok, cukup-makan-untuk-naik-stage-time-konvo, ENOUGH. alhamdulillah, still :)
bla bla bla, salam salam, Papa ajak balik. went to Skin Specialist to get the medicine, banyak kena GIGIT NYAMUK muka nie kan Syafiq? -.-
and.. bought a new phone. yeaaaaayyy!
thanks Pa, Ma. I love both of youuu :*

btw, okay now is the real story based on the title above.

15 Mac 2010
Mama called me and said that Lynda was on her way to come to my house. OMG it was 7 something in the morning, I was still mamai dan mamun. I forced myself to take a bath and buat buat segar. when I was in the toilet, Adik said that Lynda had arrived. bla bla bla, we went to Jusco Cheras Selatan, MARATHON MOVIE DAY.
we watched Remember Me and Niyang Rapik

the lessons I got from Remember Me
appreciate them who love you while they are still alive
love cannot be replaced with money
love is showing NOT SAYING
show your love, show your love
before it's gone.

the lessons I got from Niyang Rapik
appreciate girls
think wisely before you do something
control your emotions

then, we walked around the Jusco.
I bought Mandatori by RAM (dlm proses mengumpul semua buku beliau :))
wait, we also had a lunch at Secret Recipe, makan banyak gila! haha terganggu jadual diet ku.
when we walked in Jusco Shop, someone said in a low and romantic voice " efnadia hadef" and I knew who was that. yes, Adam. haha, I met him there. he wanted to talk and chat with me and he said to Lynda " kawan ef, boleh tak nak pinjam ef sekejap?" Lynda cakap " eh okay okay tak kisah pon, memang nak pergi kedai magazine pon"

so now, me and Adam. he told me some stories and me too. we had a talk, and I didnt stop talking and laughing. then, he needed to go to work.

bye Adam, see you soon :)

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