Saturday, March 20, 2010

date : Insyirah

okay, straight to the point.

" Ya, bila kita nak date nie Ya? "
" ohh this Wednesday or Thursday U tak boleh ke? "
" I ada driving class la Yaa, sorry. tapi tengokla if I boleh cancel kan "
" no worries. next time pon takpe. tak payah rushing, bapak tak balik Malaysia lagi :) "
" how about this Friday? "
" okay, set! "

so, it was today. 19 March 2010.
Insyirah and Efnadia had a sweet time together. copp, with Insyirah's mom also. hello aunty ;)

it was 11.30++, I cant remember. I arrived at school. we promised to meet at SMSS and settle everything needed. Insyirah wanted to make some correction on his Sijil Berhenti Sekolah and I wanted my Kokurikulum marks. bla bla bla. settle. btw, I met Kiki, Dzul and a few other juniors - Vermillious. sekolah dah cantik, sgt banyak perubahan.

we went to Amcorp Mall and had a lunch there. thanks to Insyirah's mom for the belanja saya lunch. hee :) kami borak sangat lama. mengumpat dan terus bergossip. YEAHHH! :) then, Insyirah mencari baju. she said nak baju-cantik-tapi-murah-bawah-bontot. haha bla bla bla, pilih pilih. then pergi solat. took pictures and balik. bye YAAA ;(

btw, Insyirah's nickname and my nickname at home is the same, YA. so we call each other YA :)


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