Thursday, June 25, 2009

dear friend,

i know im not a good friend for you. our friendship not as close as dulu dah. i know thats all my fault. i treat you badly as my friend. hah, again. my fault. and i feel so regret for that, until now. ok, you deserve them as your new bestfriends. not like me. well, actualy, aku terasa dgn kau. yeah, since gantung2 punya hal nie. you ignored me and spent time with your 'gantung' friend tu. but i acted like normal, macam tak kisah. then, i lepak surau malam2 nak study and i spent my time with them. yeah, i know you know who are them kan? ok then, kita org share secret together. and kita org makin rapat, kita makin renggang. plus, you spent your prep malam with your loved ones. but, i dont blame you because i know thats feeling. me did it too dulu. *sigh. kita makin far apart. perasan tak? semua org pon perasan. my dormmates keep asking me about that. but i just said "yeke? biasa je" ahah, hipokrit lagi sekali. im trying to get the old you back but i dont think that i can get it. i know you are happy with them now. its okay, just continue with that. im happy when you are happy. hopefully, our friendship will be normal back because i miss all the moments we spent together dulu. im so so sorry. hopefully, you will read this blog. oh, forget it. takde sape pon kawan aku yg tau aku ada blog nie. haha macam cerita melayu dah nie. hmmmm, i miss you friend.

A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same.